The authentication opinions of bababebi are issued in writing and delivered by email. bababebi issues two forms of authentication certificates:

eMail Opinion

  • The opinion is a determination of "Authentic" or "Not Authentic".

  • The opinion has a unique number.

  • If the item is "Authentic" the model name is identified.

Certificate Opinion

  • It is a one page certificate in pdf form on bababebi watermarked letterhead.

  • A certificate of an authentic item includes model, size, leather, color and date of manufacture.

  • It includes two identification pictures, of the item and the stamps.

  • A certificate of a non authentic item lists those aspects that are inconsistent with authenticity.

Client Pictures

The opinions in the certificates of authenticity are based on pictures of the item supplied by the client. Pictures must be taken in large size, good light and be in focus. A list of required pictures and sample pictures for all models of handbags and accessories that bababebi authenticates are available. Clients are encouraged to request them in advance. If there is an auction link to the item, it should be included. No refund of fees is given if satisfactory pictures cannot be provided during the authentication process.


Payment of the corresponding fee for a bababebi service is made in advance of picture evaluation and is made in US dollars through PayPal. Clients that do not have a PayPal account can receive from bababebi a payment request that is payable with any credit card. In certain circumstances payment can be made by wire transfer.

Turnaround time

  • Within 24 working hours after receipt of satisfactory pictures and payment of fees.
  • Two-hour rush service is available by prior arrangement for a 100% premium.