Since its founding in October 2011, bababebi has issued over seventeen thousand authentication opinions on Hermès handbags and other Hermès leather goods to over six thousand clients throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia including among them many leading resellers.

bababebi is also an authenticator on the PurseForum, where bababebi has given more than ten thousand opinions on Hermès handbags starting in 2009.

bababebi has consulted and provided authentication and advisory services on Hermès handbags to two leading auction houses that auction luxury goods including Hermès handbags and accessories.

bababebi’s dispute opinions have been accepted in dispute cases by banks and credit card companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia, by PayPal and eBay, and by the Los Angeles Police Department in a criminal investigation, among others.

Dispute opinions were also accepted in a court litigation case in the capital city of an Asian country, where Ms. Giles also acted as expert witness; bababebi’s opinions and Ms. Giles’ testimony were instrumental in her client’s obtaining a favorable verdict from the court.